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Piktor Paint Store was among the first paint stores opened in Győr in 1986.

In the beginning the store operated with only a staff of a few employees in József Attila Street. The business’s position of advantage and adequate professional background led to the dynamic development of it. Due to the growth of sales and the lack of floor space the paint store moved to a larger family house in József Attila Street.

In 1993 after changes in ownership, the ownership rights and management of the company entirely came under the control of the Csiza family. After this the company grew at a fast rate and its sales increased significantly year after year. The scope of products expanded, besides selling paint and processing aids they introduced the sales of household goods and household chemicals, ornaments, decorations and specialities, as well as chemicals.

In 1996 the space again turned out to be small so the store had to be converted. Piktor Paint Store became 130 m², twice its previous size and awaited its customers on 2 floors. At the time it had 10 employees. Besides retail, greater emphasis was placed on the service of wholesale, the stores of reseller’s, public institutions and industrial users.

Due to the rapid increase of sales and the reoccurring lack of space the company bought the adjacent property in 1999, and by joining the two buildings the showroom space was now more than 300 m² thus making the store one of the most exquisite ones with the greatest selection of paints and household chemicals in the Transdaubia region.  The range of services expanded with 8 colour mixing machines, a wider choice of decorations and a showroom.

In 2002 Piktor Paint Store opened its second retail store in Mészaros Lőrinc Street in Fészek department store. It was opened on a space of 80 m², with a smaller range of products but provided the same level of quality that the company was well known by. At the same time it relocated the storing of large quantities of materials and the service of wholesale partners to this premises.

By 2003 due to the constant development of the company the principal premises of business became too small yet again. At the end of 2003 Piktor Ltd. bought, renovated and converted Fészek department store which was a well-known store by the inhabitants of Győr. It relocated its main entrance and installed a new heating and air conditioning system. The layout of the sales area was changed, thus it became a department store of a European standard with excellent parking facilities.


In 2004 Piktor Paint Store with its entire range of products moved to Fészek department store.
Today it welcomes its customers with a sales space of 800 m², a wider selection of goods and a high quality of service.

Interesting facts include:

  • Number of sold products: 30 000
  • Represented significant manufacturers and brands: 300
  • Colour mixing machines for the public: 5
  • Automotive and wood industry colour mixing machines: 5



A new branch of business – Kreatív Ötletház (House of Creative Ideas) the craft supply store

In 2005 on the top floor of the old store in József Attila Street we opened Kreatív Ötletház (House of Creative Ideas), our craft supplies speciality shop, the new branch of business of Piktor Ltd. The modern and high quality store with the country’s second biggest floor space was opened selling a huge variety of products. Due to the increasing demand of the customers the craft shop moved to the city centre of Győr in 2006. It still operates at the same level of quality, with a similar range of products and similar floor space even today.

Piktor Paint Store opened in Celldömölk too

In 2005 Piktor Paint Store opened its second paint and household chemical products retail store in Celldömölk, where it awaits customers with the same level of quality and the same type of services as in the store in Győr.

Wholesale centre in Veszprém – Piktor-Depo Kft. (Piktor-Depo Ltd.)

At the beginning of 2006 because of the changes in the market Piktor Paint Store separated its wholesale and retail activities. It set up its logistics centre where its subsidiary, Piktor-Depo Kft. (Piktor-Depo Ltd.) serves the demands of resellers.

New field of business: Fészek Tüzép (Fészek Builder Depot)

Piktor Ltd. bought the neighbouring TÜZÉP builder depot in 2006, which it still runs and is improving. Fészek Tüzép (Fészek Builder Depot) only deals with the retailing of domestic heating fuels. In 2014 they set up a professional wood cutting machine and a log splitter, with which the efficiency of this branch of business considerably grew.

New branch:  Gardening Centre

Fészek Kert Gardening Centre opened its doors in the spring of 2010, in the courtyard of Fészek Department Store. The centre has a floor space of 400 m², and a 1500 m² attractive, outdoor display area. The centre primarily markets gardening machinery, tools, chemicals, garden decor, barbecue ovens, wine making supplies and equipment. The selection of products is constantly expanding and changes according to the seasons.


Since 2014 the company provides video and photo services as well. This branch of business deals with the production of company PR films, commercials and other video compilations as well as photoshoots. Films and photos are made in high quality with the latest equipment.

The "new" store in Keszthely

In April 2017 Piktor Ltd. bought Iso Color Paint House in Keszthely which has been open for many years. The store that is located next to Lake Balaton has a similar product range and business approach as the other members of the business group. The expansion of the range of products and the modernisation of the showroom in Iso Color Paint House has started and is ongoing.


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